" There are so many wonderful things to be said about Max & Me. A truly holistic line that honors the essences of each ingredient that is carefully and lovingly selected into each product. Back in February I discussed a little bit about Max and Tanja’s vision of their line Max & Me. What makes their skincare so incredibly unique is that their ingredients are highly vibrant which cohesively line up with our bodies energy channels called chakras. So in a sense it is a mind, body and soul experience each time one uses their products. Whether you believe it or not you cannot help but be transported even if just for a moment to a lovely realm of beauty and inner and outer peace. As a holistic esthetician and your in-house beauty expert this really gets me excited! As you will see in a moment I will geek out a bit on the ingredients and why these products are so remarkable on a couple of my personal beauty expert picks from Max & Me. "

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5 Beauty Tips To Try This Spring

"Spring is fast approaching (or already here) and its time to start fresh and anew with our skincare and beauty regimens."

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Max & Me: True Love Inspired Skincare for Valentine's Day

" Love... Books, poetry, movies and songs have been based on true love stories... And now a true love story has been inspired and made into one of the most sought after holistic skin care lines, and that is none other than Max & Me. "

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