Ask The Beauty Expert: How To Make Your Skin Glow

"Spring! It's officially here... The moment has arisen for warmer, sunnier days that stretch out with all nature in bloom. Time to adorn your cute self with tank tops, dresses and more skin-revealing clothes and shoes... Wait what? Skin revealing? Is your skin ready?"
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Ask The Beauty Expert: What is the Number One Ingredient For All Skin Types?

"Drinking water is a well known fact to maintain a healthy body and a clear complexion. But did you know your skin needs to drink water topically too? Absolutely! Water or hydration for the skin is often a missed step in many skincare regimens. Do you find that your skin is dry? Do you find your skin irritated at times? Do you find yourself with aging skin? Are you struggling with breakouts? Dry patches? Rough skin? Read on to find out the remedy to all these skin issues..." 

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Ask The Beauty Expert: How To Really Understand The Ingredients In Beauty Products

"Let’s face it: The green beauty industry is booming! Every time I turn around, it seems a new product is being launched and claiming it is natural, vegan, organic and the like. I myself have wandered into my local health food or grocery store, and am constantly scanning the aisles for new products....The endless questions fill our minds... "

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