Ask The Beauty Expert: How To Soothe Irritated Skin In 3 Steps

" Skin that looks constantly in the zone of pink to red and flushed usually is a skin that is affected by rosacea, which can be a difficult skin concern to treat. If left untreated with the special care and attention that it needs, it creates many unwanted skin issues. These problematic results often form into thickening of the skin on the nose, red bumps and blemishes, and dilated capillaries that are visible beneath the surface of the skin. "

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Ask The Beauty Expert: 5 Serums You Need For Fall

"It is that time of year again... the time the earth seems to slow down while crisp breezes flow through the ever changing colors of nature’s leaves. When the weather changes, so should our skincare products. Fall brings a mix of warmth and cold that shocks our skin quite a bit, and there’s a million reasons why you should be using a serum suitable to your skin’s needs during this transitory season, and while I am at it using a serum year round! But let’s stay focused on fall shall we? A million is a bit too much so I shall go over a few key pointers and the 5 serums your skin needs this season."

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" One of our top picks for travel is the Dr. Alkaitis Organics Travel Kit. Why? The Dr. Alkaitis Organics skincare line is quite universal in our eyes. We have seen firsthand how our customers love using this product line, no matter their skin type or their skin concern. Everyone who tries this line seems to find results in this biodynamic organic skincare product line. "

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" What lady doesn’t like a mani/pedi? A few moments to yourself, dolling up your nails, relaxing, pampering, adding a splash of color to match your flair. It is indulgence, luxurious, zen, meditational, transformative. Whatever it is to you, its a beauty routine most of us enjoy. Whether at the spa or even if you do them yourself, nail painting is a past time enjoyed by women of all ages. And while we are all for that, we want to educate you on why you need to switch to non toxic nail polish to green beauty nail polish asap! Traditional, mainstream nail polish has some of the most harmfultoxic ingredients on their list. "

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Ask The Beauty Expert: Why Does Switching To Green Beauty Sometimes Cause Skin Detoxification?

"There are bumps and surprises along the way that are less than desirable. The same applies to going green with our beauty. One of the less frequent but still common issues that I’ve come across when going green is how our skin tends to react during the transition phase... Have you noticed when you went green, your skin reacted strangely? Did you experience irritation or breakouts? Flaky skin, oily skin? If you didn’t, thats great! If you did, please don’t give up and understand it is completely normal".

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Ask The Beauty Expert: Why You Need A Toner In Your Skincare Regimen

"A comment and question I often get is my take on toners. Many of you have asked an array of questions in regards to toning the skin... “Is a toner necessary for the skin? What does a toner do? and What kind of toner is right for my skin?”. These are all very good questions..."

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Ask The Beauty Expert: How To Make Your Skin Glow

"Spring! It's officially here... The moment has arisen for warmer, sunnier days that stretch out with all nature in bloom. Time to adorn your cute self with tank tops, dresses and more skin-revealing clothes and shoes... Wait what? Skin revealing? Is your skin ready?"
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Ask The Beauty Expert: What is the Number One Ingredient For All Skin Types?

"Drinking water is a well known fact to maintain a healthy body and a clear complexion. But did you know your skin needs to drink water topically too? Absolutely! Water or hydration for the skin is often a missed step in many skincare regimens. Do you find that your skin is dry? Do you find your skin irritated at times? Do you find yourself with aging skin? Are you struggling with breakouts? Dry patches? Rough skin? Read on to find out the remedy to all these skin issues..." 

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Ask The Beauty Expert: How To Really Understand The Ingredients In Beauty Products

"Let’s face it: The green beauty industry is booming! Every time I turn around, it seems a new product is being launched and claiming it is natural, vegan, organic and the like. I myself have wandered into my local health food or grocery store, and am constantly scanning the aisles for new products....The endless questions fill our minds... "

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" Of all the skincare questions I get asked on a daily basis, questions about blackheads are always in the running, usually in first place! It doesn’t matter your age, from 16-60, everyone wants to know how to get rid of a blackhead. It's a common and great question! Blackheads are a tricky skin issue and some people are just more prone to them than others. It takes work and consistency on your part to effectively reduce the amount or appearance of any blackheads."
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Ask The Beauty Expert // Eco Diva Beauty

Launched in December of last year (2015) I became the "official" live Beauty Expert for Eco Diva Beauty! SO, SO, SO exciting! I've been working with Eco Diva now for nearly two years! I can hardly believe it. Time is certainly flying by. As seen here on Dwell in Beauty, I have been submitting articles twice a month for nearly all this time. I also have been working behind the scenes for a year now as the beauty expert with Eco Diva Beauty answering incoming emails with questions from their customers on anything and everything skincare and beauty product related to what they retail on the site. As well as my own tid-bits of advice and direction with my knowledge of skincare and makeup. Its been quite fun, getting to be apart of a green beauty movement with such an inspirational company! Now the Beauty Expert portion of what I do with ED has expanded. I am now submitting a monthly column called : "Ask The Beauty Expert"--- the goal is to answer and address once a month all the pressing questions we have in green beauty. As an Holistic Esthetician, I hear many of the same questions asked over and over, and I also have solutions to those questions. So please email in with your own question! You never know if it will be answered on Eco Diva Beauty's blog! 

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