Portland Bee Balm + A Giveaway!

Trying all natural products is one of the fun things about being an Holistic Esthetician-Blogger. I especially get excited to try amazing all natural products that have incredible stories behind the product and brand. I really want to shout out to Portland Bee Balm for being such an inspiring company! I was contacted by them inquiring if I'd be interested in sampling their lip balm. Heck yes! What I didn't realize until getting to know the product and more about PBB is that they really are a company with a heart and soul. Integrity, honesty and a passion for what they love to do is evident in their incredible lip balm and when you read their story and connect with them you can just feel it. Those are the kind of companies that are rare to find and I love to work with and know. For PBB it started as a love for bee-keeping. Many people don't realize that bees are considered at risk and an endangered species. This is not good for us or the planet at all since bees do so much hard work pollinating a majority of all the plants we eat. Bees are the reason for healthy plants, which in turn means healthier air, water, soil.. a healthy planet. Portland Bee Balm has some great tips on their website about what we can do to make a difference with bees. I sure don't want bees to go away anytime soon so I support the mission of PBB wholeheartedly.

Portland Bee Balm is made of 4 all natural ingredients: Local Northwest Oregon Beeswax, Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Oregon Peppermint Essential Oil.

I love the fact that the lip balm comes standard in a tube. Easy to use and keep in my makeup bag, which I take everywhere with me. It hydrates and moisturizes my lips in one all the while protecting them from the elements. My lips are left smooth and refreshed from the peppermint essential oil. Even my husband hopped on board and is now a huge fan of PBB as well. He tends to suffer from dry, chapped lips, but this balm has helped heal and soothe them. 

On a design note, the tubes are each wrapped in real wood shavings which eliminate the use of paper which is not eco-friendly at all. Everything about Portland Bee Balm from the design to the balm is sustainable and earth loving. Now, I am foreseeing stocking stuffers this year!

So this brings me to the second part of today's post.... In honor of featuring Portland Bee Balm today we are hosting a GIVEAWAY! Two lucky readers will be the selected winners...

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If you tweet or facebook this giveaway you can enter again (be sure to leave a second comment for this). This giveaway ends this Sunday, November 9th. Good luck, Everyone!