Introducing: The Beauty Garden - Holistic & Eco Chic Skincare

Big, big news on the career front! As some of you may know by now through my instagram post here, I have launched my own business aside from Dwell in Beauty. I have opened my own Skincare treatment room... The Beauty Garden -Holistic & Eco Chic Skincare. I specialize in all natural skincare & hair removal, no toxins or man made chemicals found here! I offer my clients everything from Brazilian Waxing, eyebrow design to acne & anti-aging facials and all natural peels. It is my goal to continue to enrich the lives of my clients through healthy and beautiful skin!

I have been a licensed Esthetician for going on 6 years now & additionally have had years and years of healing skin. Skincare has always been an intuitive gift I possess. It was time for me to spread my wings and take the leap of faith of going out on my own and claim my independence. I put all my faith in God. If anything I really felt the stars were aligned and I was divinely guided to get out of my job that wasn't meant for me or my family any longer. An amazing opportunity fell in my lap and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was meant to take it! And here I am ! I am beyond happy with my decision even though at moments doubt creeps in. Doubt, fear or naysayers can't get me down. Change is good, change is necessary, change produces results! I hope this is a lesson we all can take into our own lives. Remember your strength. We all have infinite potential.

I would be honored for my readers to check out The Beauty Garden's Website:  

Love & Light 

3 Ingredients You Need To Know In May Lindstrom's: The Blue Cocoon

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