Monday Musings // Quote of the Week

Hi everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes lots of exclamation points for today!

I miss you all! I miss blogging here on DIB!

Life has been very, very interesting the last few months. I hit some pretty hard and tough points in my life where I just thought things couldn't go lower and they did. But you know what, I kept faith, love and trust in God in my heart and things are better than EVER! I am restored and renewed. My relationships are better, my health is better, my whole life is better and my mission to inspire others to dwell in beauty continues stronger than ever.

Today's quote is a psalm... I love psalms... Always have. So beautiful, poetic and so much heartfelt prayer within them. To be still. To Let Go. And let God... It is my daily prayer and it has gotten me through one of the toughest points of my life. I say it to myself daily to remind myself. Its my hope it touches you and reminds you to be still and let go, wherever life has you right now, good, bad or just in  between. 

So Dwell in Beauty readers, I am back and will be posting a few times a week to start...

Lots of exciting things to come here.

Have a great week!