July Favorites // 7 Things

Summer is flying by and July is basically over... Moving on to August (my birthday is coming!!) 

I am so lucky I get to dedicate a life & career to scoping out great skincare and beauty products or others are introducing them to me! Life is so good! Being passionate about skincare, I am always trying new products that are good for our bodies! ie: non-toxic, organic, natural etc, etc... then to turn around and share with you all and of course, friends, family and my clients my personal opinion, educate and potentially help someone. So here are a few of my favorites I have been lucky to use, buy or added to my wish list (Ahem! birthday wishes!) 

1. Cosmedix Clarity Serum ($36) Introduced to me by my new job, I am a new fan of cosmedix! This gem is one of my newest favorite treatment products that I have used in a long time! If you suffer from acne or even a breakout here and there, basically anyone that breaks out ever.... this is for you! I unfortunately get hormonal breakouts around that time of the month and since post pregnancy and nursing, my skin has changed a bit. I dab a teeny tiny amount to the blemish and the next morning my the vagrant zit is healing and pretty much gone! It works fast without stinging or burning skin. Its gentle but very effective. I also like that it will fight hyperpigmentation. Best of all it is a natural product with all ingredients contained in the most pure form. No nasty chemicals or toxins here!

2. Schmidt's Bergamot Lime Deodorant ($9) Where do I even begin? My search for a non toxic deodorant that actually does what it's supposed to is finally over! Impressed to the moon and back. I will be writing a full review for Eco Diva Beauty in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! You will not want to miss it!

3. H&M's Sandal with Wedge Heel ($40) Not only is the price of these shoes comfortable but so are wearing them! They're inexpensive shoes that will last into fall with cute jeans and cut offs. I even would wear these to work, and I stand a lot! Cute, comfortable and affordable. Perfection!

4. Alima Pure Hellebore Shimmer Mineral Eyeshadow ($12.50) For whatever reason I am really picky about the color of my eyeshadow. I tend to keep to the basics and a select few colors... that's just me! But I adore Hellebore by Alima Pure. I've used it for the last few years since discovering the company. The eyeshadow is pure mineral, no fillers, toxins or other yuck stuff that's makes us sick... This is PURE beauty. The color is a subtle rosy gold that shimmers ever so delicately. I feel it makes my eyes pop and look wide awake. A favorite. A keeper. 

5. Illume Cactus Verde Soy Candle ($22) I stumbled upon this candle while shopping at Anthropologie for a birthday gift for my sister and decided to buy it for her special day! I loved the scent so much, I went back the next day and got one for myself. It now graces my bedroom with its heavenly scent! I love the "go be lovely" script on the glass, a great reminder to look at everyday.

6. Dorothy Perkins Ivory and Navy Bird Tee ($21) I can never have enough t-shirts but dressing them up a bit with a pretty print adds a bit more interest and fun to the everyday. A shirt to dress up or down with. Perfect for the hot days we've had!

7. Beautycounter's Essential Face Collection ($185)I  know I definitely need to spend a bit of time writing out in detail my thoughts, and experience with these products... But I will say this: I was very fortunate for one of my friends who so generously loaned me her Essential Collection for me to try out myself. Let's just say I didn't want to give it back and am beyond impressed with Beautycounter the company and their incredible products. More to come on this!