4 Things + Objects of Desire

As I've mentioned earlier, things in my life have been challenging; sometimes life beats at you when you're already beaten down. But, I am keeping my head up and I refuse to be stopped in the pursuit of  happiness. I am trusting and have faith that good always prevails… Some things that are helping keep my spirits up include a bit of home decorating, my favorite flowers & they're in season, a new fashion accessory and some new makeup never did a girl any harm. 

Also very soon, I'll be back to my regular posts and I have a couple delicious recipes that I've been keeping up my sleeve to share on Dwell in Beauty. Stay tuned! Hope you are having a wonderful and happy weekend.

Beauty Products: My April Birchbox

What is not to love about this clear eyebrow gel? It held my brows together nicely without looking clumpy or leaving any residue. When the gel dries, it holds the brow hairs together quite strongly, however, you'd never notice how tough this little baby really is. Great product! My brows look neat, groomed, natural- just the way I like them! I highly recommend this brow gel. 

This product by far is my favorite from April's box! I was given such a nice sized sample, I still have quite a bit left in the bottle and I've used it almost everyday! So I guess I can say that a little goes a long long way. The cleanser is very dark in color, almost black. It looks like liquid tar, but sure doesn't feel that way. The texture is silky smooth. I apply it in the shower, and let the cleanser sit on my face and neck while I shave my legs or wash my hair... The cleanser feels tingly and a bit warm. After a few minutes I rinse it off, and my skin literally feels squeaky clean! I've noticed an improvement with my problem areas where I tend to get congestion. This cleanser delivers and more! I will definitely be purchasing the full size! Now I am curious what other Shea Terra Organics products I might want to try?

A lightweight body lotion, that smells like refreshing citrus! I really have enjoyed trying this lotion and keep it in my purse as my lotion on the go! 

Ok, I hate to be the messenger of a bad review, but I have to be honest! This Shampoo and Conditioner combo has been the worst product from Birchbox that I've ever tried! First of all the shampoo felt very stripping and my hair while wet felt dry and coarse! My hair never, ever feels like that. Also the scent of both of these products were hard for me to miss. It smelled like a strong cleaner or household detergent. Eeek! Let's just say I couldn't wait to wash my hair again and I won't be purchasing the full sizes.