Update // DIY: How To Gold Leaf A Lamp

For some time now I have been meaning to do an update article on one of my more popular DIY tutorials: How To Gold Leaf A Lamp. I get asked so often how well my lamps have held up over time since gold-leafing them. So here's the scoop! I want to first mention, that none of these photos have been touched up or enhanced. They are and look exactly as I shot them in my home. 

Here is a full view of the long and slender silhouette of these once boring Ikea lamps! The modern shape is made classic by the simple elegance of the gold leaf. As you can see, its held up extremely well over the last few years and in my opinion the gold leaf finish has improved! 

I normally keep this small garden stool in front of my gold leaf floor lamp and next to my sofa, so we have an extra spot to put our drinks or place fresh flowers atop.

As you can see in the close up images, gold leafing is anything but perfect. That's the beauty of it! It will naturally take on a sort of distressed, semi-worn look but will still shine beautifully! Over time I have noticed a slight change in the finish for the better! The patina has mottled a bit due to oxidation. I love that its looking more unique and taking on a beauty of its own. I must mention too that I have never had problems cleaning my gold leafed floor lamps. I only dust them, I have never applied chemicals or cleaner of any type to their surface. Interested in gold leafing for your next home decor project? Click here to read the instructions