Monday Musings // Quote of the Week

I often get asked or commented about my Quotes of the Week. Why I choose what I choose... Sometimes it depends on my mood, others may be more personal to what is occurring in my life at that moment. I love quotes, poetry, lyrics. They are beautiful phrases of truth, beauty and wisdom that I soak right up. They offer perspective and meaning. I also enjoy seeing feedback from my followers about the quotes I choose.  It brings a smile to my face knowing that the passage I chose for the week helped, inspired or offered something to my readers that I will never know. That above all else makes me feel good and gives me the inspiration to keep posting a quote each week. Today's quote is by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I was and still am a fan of hers. I used to read the "Little House" series when I was a little girl and they were one of my favorites! I must've read them over and over til the books turned to pulp! She offers such simple wisdom in her words for this weeks quote. It's all about the "real" things, and I'm definitely reflecting on that. Have a great week!