Monday Musings // Quote of the Week

How is it Monday already? I hope you had a fantastic weekend!? Mine was decent, more like up and down. I don't usually get into intimate personal things going on in my life, but things have been somewhat of a roller coaster- when it rains it pours! I'll spare the details. So naturally, I want to focus on the positive and dwell in beauty. I've been retreating outdoors because my little toddler is happiest out there, playing, getting messy, dirty and exploring everything. I've been doing a bit more gardening as well, and am happy to see my little yard turn into a more lush, green and inviting space to spend time in. We also had some time to spend at the beach Sunday morning before J's nap... I don't know why we don't go more often since we live so close! I've been spending SO much time outdoors my childhood freckles are making their appearance again over my cheeks and nose! I snapped some photos of my little garden progress to share today. Have a beautiful week!