Monday Musings // Quote of the Week

These words couldn't have been said any better about how our surroundings reflect our essence. I hold a high value to the meaning of today's quote. It speaks to me and so much of what I represent in my life as a designer and creator of beauty.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend?! It has been beyond beautiful weather here in Southern California, and I am caught up in Spring Fever! I was able to spend some time in my garden over the weekend, doing a bit of gardening and clean up around the yard. I loved watching my son splash and play with his little water table. He's getting the hang of walking, so many precious moments! We were all intoxicated with the sun, the flowers blooming and the warm breeze... I even had a moment this weekend to relax and finally read through this months Domino! Can I get a cheer for Domino being back in print!?! Yessss!!!!! Finally. Thank you Domino! 

By the way, did you all get a chance to check out my newest recipe post on Eco Diva Beauty? My Almond Oat Pancakes are incredibly healthy and so yummy! In all honesty, I whip up several batches of these pancakes every week. My family and I, including my son who can be a picky eater these days, gobble them right up! Click on over to read more.