March Birchbox

Hope you all had a day filled with laughter, silliness and happiness yesterday for April Fools! 

I was incredibly happy with my March Birchbox! Here's what I thought about each sample I received! 

1. S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting Serum + Primer | Grand Central Beauty: (I have yet to use the product, once I do, I shall update this post!)

2. Cleanshine Energizing Shampoo | Keims: One of my favorites of March Birchbox! I probably would never have tried this shampoo if it weren't for Birchbox! Keims is a Spanish brand and they specialize in combining the best of Nature and Science. I loved washing my hair with this Shampoo! It has an invigorating cleansing sensation because of the Peppermint and my hair was left super soft and extra shiny because of the macadamia nut oils and all the other antioxidants that make up this incredible product! I think I will buy the full size when my current hair wash runs low! 

3. BB Body Cream | Jergens: I honestly am not a fan of using body lotions, I prefer to use body oil as my method for moisturizing my skin. I feel that I was not the best person to write a review on this particular product. The BB Body Cream states that in 5 days I would notice an improvement in my skin. For one, I didn't notice an improvement and secondly, I didn't feel like there was anywhere I could notice such drastic results in only 5 days. Sorry Jergens, nothing against you, this just wasn't the product for me! 

4. Rescue Balm | Air Repair: I loved this product! I would say this ranks up next to the Shampoo I so loved in this months March's Birchbox! I loved the texture of the balm. I used it on my lips and they felt instantly hydrated, moisturized and protected from environmental stressors. Its a velvety smooth, easy glide on balm. I also loved the delicate fragrance. It was a delightful blend of refreshing earthy herbs and sweet almond! J'adore! I highly reccomend this product and would buy the full size!  

5. Lip Glaze in Berry Banana | Stila:  I've been a fan of Stila Cosmetics for years! I think they do a great job keeping their makeup palettes natural and pretty for any woman no matter her age or style. I recieved the lip glaze and I really enjoyed it! For one, I couldn't believe my sample was so generous! It looks almost like a full sized glaze! Thanks! Anyways the color was a neutral pink. It looked pretty on my lips alone or worn with lip liner and lipstick. Its a nice neutral pink without over powering what it is gliding over! Plus the pen-style applicator makes applying so easy breezy!