Last Minute Easter Decor

Easter is only a couple days away! If you're in need of some elegant yet easy to-do decor or inspiration to add to the festivities, look no further! Personally I believe less is more and I don't like to decorate with bunnies or rabbits, so you shall see none here! No offense, its just my personal preference. Instead I love to decorate with fresh flowers, sculptural pieces that are also functional for the edibles! Scroll on through for more...

Most of the items I used in my Easter/Spring decorating I already owned. I only bought the blossom branches, tulips, moss and candy! Use your pretty desserts to add to the decor. Think of food as art! Food can be so sculptural and looks great layered or decorated. As you can see I made a cake! It's a delicious Lemon Bundt Cake with a Lemon Glaze! It is so good for Easter brunch to enjoy with a lovely cup of tea or coffee! I also love to collect antique, or unique plates, small bowls & vases of all kinds (I think I have enough to embarrass my local floral shop!) I love decorating with my unique finds! I used an antique plate underneath my bowl of egg candy to add color, texture and dimension. The Cadbury White Mini eggs are mostly white in its tone, but does have soft pastel flecks in it. Easter candy is so pretty anyways, you can't go wrong in your choice!

 Flowers, flowers, flowers! I could never have enough, especially for springtime! I found these flowers & branches at the grocery store the other day, I knew they'd be perfect for Easter! I love the blossom branches! What says spring more than that? For a super easy floral design project- get a small pot of tulips and another larger vase or bowl that is transparent or clear. Set the tulip pot in the center of the large clear vase and fill in the gaps about halfway with moss of your choice! I found mine at World Market and only needed less than one bag to use in my design. As a side note, I used a white vase (shown above) to hide the plastic pot the tulips were in.

There you have it! Easy and Elegant Easter Decor! I hope you found lots of inspiration through my tips  and design! Happy Easter!