Five Favorite Decorative DIY Easter Eggs

Easter is right around the corner and I've been eyeing some amazingly beautiful Easter eggs while perusing the internet! Its incredible what creative minds come up with, each Easter egg is a work of art! I remember when I was a little girl delighting in dying my Easter eggs with the ink bought from the grocery store. Those eggs sure were fun but you can't compare to the ones I've listed today. I hope you find the inspiration to add a bit of Easter spirit and festivity to your home and family in a creative and artistic way. Here are my top 5 favorites...

How fun are these gold confetti Easter eggs?
I love the pretty colors of mint, peach and lilac against the festive confetti!

Soft and natural- An organic way to dye Easter Eggs using fruit and vegetables!

Gold never fails. and these solid gold eggs are chic and glam. 
A perfect holder for little pews of flowers.

Get your white pens ready! A fun way to get creative drawings on brown, unbleached eggs.

Pretty gold foil! I love how each egg is completely unique and each design different than the next.