Monday Musings // Quote of the Week

Happy Monday! In honor of bringing in a new week I'd like to start with this quote that emphasizes how we all can get closer to making our dreams a reality. Mondays are typical when people start diets, excersize programs, new jobs or what have you. Its what we do, right? 
So its really simple, "Do something" daily that is in line with what it is you want! I honestly believe that the daily choices we make ultimately affect our short or long term goals and our ultimate happiness each and every day! I know I am guilty at times of just living life on auto-pilot, which ultimately has affected my "tomorrow"in some cases. But I really truly try as best as I can to live in the moment and make daily choices to get me closer and closer to my dreams and goals. By doing that simple little act, it is truly life changing. I tend to really focus my intent and daily activities based around 3 main areas of my life: 1.) Parenting; I stay focused, present and remain a positive example to my son 2.) Health; I focus on making healthy food choices and making exercise a daily priority 3.) Work; focusing on accomplishing my "to-dos", staying organized and fitting in a bit of creativity into work everyday.
So there you have it in a tiny nutshell! Tell me, what do you think of today's quote? Do you think we can affect the outcome of our tomorrow by making better choices today? Have a great week!