True Nature Botanicals: Pacific Mist & Pacific Face Oil // My Review

Happy Friday everyone! TGIF right!? I had a busy, busy week but also very fun and eventful! Did you all see my Instagram post with the lovely and talented Sarah Richardson!? I am so blessed and happy that I have had the chance to meet and talk to for a few minutes one of my favorite interior designers of our time. I've admired her since her first show "Room Service" which started in the late 90s! I'm still pinching myself to make sure meeting her was really real! So now I am switching gears and today's post has been one in the making for a little while now, and I am so excited to finally share with you my thoughts on these two gems.  

Some time back a lovely package from Marie Veronique Organics was delivered to my doorstep! I felt honored that they reached out to me and sent me two amazing products! The word "amazing" doesn't even cut it. The Pacific Mist and Pacific Face Oil are two skincare products sent from Heaven above! Or shall I say the Pacific Ocean (which is pretty heavenly itself!) The Pacific Line at MVO is primarily an Anti-Aging line. However I tend to think both of these products would suit other skin types aside from those concerned about skin aging. But lets face it ladies! Anti-aging at most ages if not all ages is important! Its all about preventive skin care, right? To give you a bit of a fill on what makes these two products so unique, I'll break them up individually. 

Pacific Mist: How much do I love thee? Let me count the ways! I seriously could sing a sonnet about this facial mist. Its incredibly light and misty when spritzed but packs a strong punch with all the work and wonders it will do for your skin. I started using the mist in the morning as part of my daily skin prep routine before I put makeup on or not. Then I would spritz the mist on my skin at night once my face had been washed clean before applying the Pacific Face Oil. Instantly I was gratified by the scent of tuberose, star-jasmine and neroli essential oils (all of which are my go-to favorite scents in skincare and perfume) My skin also felt intensely hydrated and smooth. I could feel my skin drinking up this divine concoction. However, within a day or two, I noticed a change in my skin texture and clarity for the better. Now, this is saying a lot! For someone like me who is always trying new products and religiously takes care of my skin, this is not to go unnoticed! My skin radiates a glow of hydrated, healthy looking skin. The key ingredients of Green Tea/ White Tea Extracts, Sea Kelp and Sea Fennel extracts are chock full of antioxidants, skin rejuvenating complexes and repairs the skin throughout the day and night, all while holding and locking in moisture for younger feeling and looking skin! The Pacific Mist is a gold medal win in my book! 

Pacific Face Oil: This little bottle of pure skin care magic goes hand in hand with the Pacific Mist. I like to think of it as the sidekick to the Pacific Mist. You just can't have one without the other! After spritzing my face with the mist, I put a few drops on my finger tips and gently press the Pacific Face Oil around my face and neck both morning and evening. A little goes a long way! Plus the mist helps the oils glide over my skin effortlessly. There was no tugging on my skin or waste of any of the product! My skin felt smooth and richly moisturized without feeling heavy or greasy! I could smell the healing properties of rose, neroli and jasmine essential oils while applying the face oil. Its such a therapeutic treat using the MVO products, feeling instantly refreshed and allowing yourself a moment to take care of "you". The Pacific Face oil is mainly contained of essential fatty acids and the two key players in the mix are Chia Seed & Kiwi Seed! So your skin cells are protected and nourished without toxins getting into the skin to wreak havoc. This really is essential in anti-aging! Great job MVO! It also controls your skin from over producing excess oil or sebum, by harnessing the power of Passion Fruit and Papaya! Remember I am always saying how important oil in your skin care regimen is! Last but not least two major players in the facial oil is MVO's unique Marine EFAs that are crucial in the function and health of skin. MVO combines EFA and DHA fatty acids to protect and heal skin while you glow a more radiant youthful complexion! 

Overall I am now a huge fan of Marie Veronique Organics! I had never given them a try until recently and now I am hooked! Tell me, have you given MVO products a try!? What did you think of them! Let me know if you have any questions on these two products!