Monday Musings // Quote of the Week

A few things today:

1. Downton Abbey Season Finale last night! I always love a good finale but I'm so sad to wait a whole year until the next season! What am I to do? Seriously one of my all time favorite tv shows! Thanks PBS for the great shows, my son gets to watch Sesame Street in the morning and I get to watch Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife (so heartfelt) in the evening! :) 

2. Over the weekend, I spent my spare time going through boxes in closets and the garage housing all my old FIDM Interior Design material. They were quite dusty, but it was so much fun uncovering what I had once designed and created years ago. I felt so inspired and happy looking at my old artwork, floor plans and projects that I spent many long nights working on in school. It was like uncovering a "me" I had kinda forgotten about... You can see a few images of sketches I made and are posted to my Instagram. I also dug up the few remaining original Domino magazines that I have left. I've always wanted to frame them, and someday I will! 

3. Today we are busy as usual; me and my little sidekick, who literally can't help but kick me sometimes (he's got strong legs!) We are off to Stroller Strides this morning for a fun workout. 

4. Today's quote I just love. I stumbled upon it on Pinterest and decided to create my own poster of it using a photo I took of roses that I bought for myself a few weeks back. I truly believe what is MEANT to BE will BE, it just takes time and of course patience. A beautiful and meaningful quote to reflect on as we start another week. Have a great one!