DIY Valentine's Day Stationary

Instead of my usual "Monday Musings" and "Quote of the Week" I have a DIY project just in time for Valentine's Day! A few people know this but when I was a teenager I already had the creative entrepreneurial spirit and I used to design and sell my very own stationary. So it was second nature to me I guess that I thought up to create a fun and easy DIY stationary project perfect for Valentine's Day! So roll up your sleeves and get that inner artist out, or better yet, if you have little ones around get them involved! They'll love getting messy and silly with paint. My 13 month old son created the art, I just put the pieces together. I love that each card is unique, original and contains a piece of our love and creativity. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! 

Here was the finished piece of art before I traced and cut it! Beautiful, right? I almost couldn't bring myself to mess with it. 

I used a paper heart that I had printed to the size I needed to fit the pre-folded blank white cards I purchased. Just place the heart and keep tracing for as many hearts that you may need. I ended up using the entire paper for hearts!

Glue the hearts onto the pre folded cards. Let them dry and you are done! Now you've got instant Valentine's Day Stationary that is truly a work of art, made with love and each one unique as the next. Happy Valentine's everyone!