Monday Musings / J Turned One!

Happy first monday of the Month/ Year! It feels so good to be working on my blog again! I truly apologize for the lack of posts. I really was in over my head with the holidays and busy preparing for my sons birthday! My son just celebrated his 1 year birthday over the New Year! Time seriously flies! As a mother its such a bittersweet, tender feeling to see your little one grow and change everyday! I wish I could just let time stand still for a moment. I am so blessed that I get to stay home with him and raise my little love. Over the weekend we honored his first year by throwing him a birthday party! It was such a fun time! For the party I had planned a "paper airplane" themed party. I was inspired to do an "airplane" themed party and thought that paper airplanes would make a fun and easy DIY craft for the party decor...  I chose a  unique and fresh color palate. I opted for mint, yellow and black to be the modern and fun mood setting colors. I then chose cheery yellow flowers and soft white hydrangeas to compliment the party decor.  Overall, the party decor was fun, simple and happy! Next year will probably feel more kidish and full of Elmo knowing my son! Happy birthday sweet J! Have a great week everyone!