Monday Musings // Quote of the Week

It's officially December! I am so excited for this wonderful, cheer-filled month! There just isn't anything like the Holidays and Christmas time! Speaking of which, I just ordered our Christmas cards. So much fun, I look forward to them every year! Now its even more special since our son has helped make our little family more like a family ;) its his first Holiday Season! Over Thanksgiving weekend we took him to see Santa Claus for the first time. He held himself together so well! I thought he was going to bawl, but he held back his tears and was so incredibly brave. It's already a busy week already getting started with Christmas festivities! I will do my best to keep regular with posts. Today I have a quote by the knockout classic beauty, Marilyn Monroe. She was a beauty, no doubt about it, but who knew she also had a mind of wisdom too! I love this quote by her. There is so much meaning and truth in it. Enjoy, and happy Monday!