Monday Musings // Quote of the Week

photo credit by celise artistry
How was the weekend!? Ours was quite fun! My hubby and I had a date night! Finally! If you can believe it, the second one since our son was born (Almost 11 months ago now!) It felt so refreshing to get dressed up and head out alone with my sweetie. We also hung Christmas lights, or shall I say my husband did! Overall it was a great weekend and it all started on Friday afternoon; I took the plunge and finally got eyelash extensions! I have thought about getting extensions for quite a few years now. Overall its a little bit of an adjustment in my beauty routine and how to care for my new longer lashes. But I really do love them! I am so so glad I finally got them! You can see my before and after pictures here

And happy week of Thanksgiving! In honor of the cherished holiday I decided to make my own quote of thankfulness...