Sleeping Beauty

Happy Happy Friday everyone! This morning we are off to the park for a little play date, then later to a Halloween party! I am just so glad its Friday and the weekend is here! Time to catch up on some R&R and some Zzzs! Speaking of, I want to share with you my 5 top tips and secrets for overnight beauty.
Sleeping Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's

1. Wash, then Wash again: Didn't your mother ever tell you to wash your face before bed? I cannot tell you enough how this is the #1 secret to beautiful, radiant looking skin! Before bed, wash your face then wash it again! I recommend doing this every night as part of your nightly beauty routine; while you're in the shower, wash your face (preferably with an oil cleanser like this one) then take a second cleanser, it could be a mild cleanser like this one, and wash again. This 2 step process will eliminate makeup, dirt, oils, and other yuck stuff that your skin has been exposed to throughout your day.

2. Treat: Your skin needs some love, treat it to a moisturizing or vitamin C serum. A lot of people don't put anything on their skin before bed and wonder why their skin looks dull. What happens at night, about 3-4 hours into your sleep, the pores of your skin relax and open up much wider than they do any other time.  I know, sounds scary! Who wants big pores??? Not me! But this is a natural process that your body and skin does in order to breathe, relax and detox all at the same time. When you put vital nutrients onto your face before bed, well guess what happens?! All that loveliness you just applied to your skin will be soaked right into the pores and deep into your skin! (Thats why you just don't sleep in makeup ladies!) You will get the most out of your serums and other skin treatment products at night. Oh, and don't worry, your pores will go back to normal before you wake up and notice! ;)

3. Bat those Eyelashes: Before bed, apply a tiny amount of coconut oil to your lashes. Coconut oil has properties in it that naturally pull out impurities and gets deep into the follicle to stimulate hair regrowth. I've been using this little home remedy myself and actually have noticed a difference! My lashes look healthier and thicker since I started this technique. You can also use coconut oil around the delicate eye area as a nice eye treatment.

4. Mask: Give yourself an at home facial with a mask at night before bed. By applying your treatment mask at night this allows your skin to relax and breathe without any makeup going on afterwards to hinder the effects of your mask. Its such an effective technique and really helps you get the most out of your product!

5. Hands & Feet: Don't forget about your hardworking hands and feet. Show them some love with a nice body oil or lotion to intensely moisturize cracked skin, dry cuticles and tired muscles. I personally keep my lotion sitting on my nightstand. The last thing I do before I turn out the lights is a light massage over my feet and hands. Every now and then, its also nice to give them a gentle exfoliation. For hands I am obsessed with Julep's Glycolic Hand Scrub, and for feet I just love the Julep Foot File with the Best Pedi Prep Ever! 

So tell me, what beauty tips and tricks do you do before you drift off to sleep?! I'd love to hear them! 

Have a beautiful weekend!