Tuesday Mama Thoughts // A Teething Story

Here it is, the promised "teething post"! It all started a week & a half ago. My son and I were getting our things, ready to leave our friday My Gym time. I was standing there holding him while we were chatting with some of our friends and their babies, suddenly I turned and looked at little J and his mouth was open at the perfect angle for me to see 2 teeth popping through! Words can't even begin to express the elated feeling I felt flutter through my chest! I instantly shouted "He's got teeth!" not even holding back my enthusiasm. I just instantly felt this sigh of relief as well; it seemed like he had been teething for months, yet no sign of any teeth. Then all of a sudden leading up to this monumental moment J had been more clingy than usual and definitely a lot more fussy. For the first time, I didn't even relate his moods to teething. I just thought he was going through another phase, since teeth were out of sight, they also were out of mind. That night he tossed and turned a lot more than usual and even woke up several times yelling. This is totally out of character for my normally easy going little guy and excellent sleeper (well now anyways ;)) I just soothed him and gave him some teething tablets, and then finally gave into a little baby tylenol since he was in so much discomfort. I also use 24/7 Baltic Amber teething bracelets on J. The same thing happened the following night. So because baby wasn't sleeping good, I wasn't sleeping good either. I slept in a bit that morning, being that it was Sunday and my husband could pitch in. I woke up, walked down the hall and saw that J's door to his bedroom was closed. I thought, "Oh, he must be taking his morning nap". Walked downstairs, and my husband told me that he hadn't even woken up for the day yet, went in to check on him, but baby was sound asleep. Poor guy, he had a two rough nights and probably needed the rest. So we decided to let him sleep. Baby didn't wake up until 10AM!!! Whoa! That's a first! J was awake for about 2- 2 1/2 hours before I noticed he was fussy again. So I put him down for a nap, and lo and behold he slept again! For another 2 1/2 hours! I couldn't believe it. By the time J woke up from that nap, he just was in a daze. We kept the rest of the day very simple and let him stay in  PJs and play, rest and cuddle. Gosh, teething is tough on babies! I'm glad we don't remember our own experience, but instead nature turns it on us so we remember our children's! By the next day it seemed as if things had gone back to normal. Since then its been a bit of a mix, some days are better than others. The two teeth coming through are about halfway there. It really is so exciting! And I can't help but feel like a proud mama. I really am proud of J and all that he's accomplished, learning and developed in such a short amount of time. He amazes me. I apologize for not having pictures, but my son hardly lets me see those budding teeth, so I haven't even gotten a single photo. So instead, I have some photos of my little guy accomplishing his next big move : Standing & Pulling himself up!