Monday Musings // Quote of the Week

Happy Monday! What a weekend it was for us! I need to take a deep breath from the busy and quite tiring weekend we had. Sorry to sound so whiny for a monday, but my son who is almost 9 months old has been going through a sleep regression. Oh my word. My normally easy going little guy who loves his nap time and bedtime suddenly boycotted any and all sleep! He also woke us up up ungodly early both Saturday and Sunday. I'm talking 2:30 am. And every hour afterwards. Poor thing is just so disoriented and crying uncontrollably. I keep thinking of all the things he is going through and learning all at once. He's teething and he's developing mentally and physically. From what I've read Sleep Regression is that phase where babies are practicing over and over the skills they have just learned and are trying to learn and can't shut off when its time for them to sleep. Even when they sleep their brains are wired and running a million miles an hour instead of calm and resting. It's kinda like when you've started a new job or class and you have a lot of pent up anxiety and nerves surrounding your new environment, you go home and dream like a broken record over and over what your mind is so focused on. I've also read that Sleep Regression can be associated just before baby successfully accomplishes a major milestone. So needless to say, we spent a majority of our time just trying to take it easy, giving J extra snuggles and love and helping him get the sleep he so badly needs.

Some time ago I came across If I Had My Child To Raise All Over Again, and knew I wanted to share this with you all on Dwell in Beauty. When I first read this lovely passage, tears welled in my eyes and I started to feel that knot in my throat of overwhelming emotion. I just love this. Such a beautiful reminder to cherish every little bit and look at raising children with a different perspective. I always tell myself, even when the going gets tough that I too shall someday miss even the difficult times. And as I always say, parenting is a labor of love. The love you feel for your children grows with every day.
After this weekend, I felt that it was the perfect introductory post for the week.

Also, some more news! Anyone notice my lovely new blog look? It's finally done and I am so incredibly happy with it! I worked with the very sweet and talented Kelly at Fabulous K to redesign the look of my blog. She is such a natural designer and delivered a look better than I could have even imagined! Kelly is also launching a new venture of a online home goods shop called Feathered, isn't that such a clever name? Love it! I can't wait until its open for business! Thank you again Kelly!!!

I hope you all have a beautiful week!