Monday Musings // Quote of the Week

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was great. Busy but really good. I was able to accomplish a bunch of things on my to-do list. Two of them being take a zumba class and make BABY FOOD!!!!! I spent some of Saturday and a little bit of Sunday in the kitchen whipping up delicious batches of baby food for my son and freezing them for the next couple weeks to come. I had a blast making all these dishes, getting creative and finally using my Beaba Baby Cook machine... Which by the way is a great gift for any mom or mom-to-be! It is so handy! I'll post more about making baby food and some recipes in another post. Today I want to start the week with a quote that I honestly contemplate often in my thoughts:

I mean, how true is this simple but powerful statement? Before you really can have or enjoy anything, you must first address your health. Without health life wouldn't be the same, it wouldn't be as enriching or enjoyable. I feel that I have been a healthy person throughout my life, and I really owe that to the teachings of my Mother. Now that I am a mom, I take my health so much more into considerstion. I want energy, vitality and time to be around for my son and my family for years and years to come. To add to my story, during pregnancy I put on a lot of weight despite the fact that I ate healthy, drank lots of water, did prenatal yoga and took the most amazing prenatal vitamins. But for some reason my body just held onto the food I ate and stored a bunch of it as FAT. ugh... I can remember in the first few weeks after finding out I was pregnant and went into my first prenatal doctor's visit, I had already put on 10lbs! I remember being ravenously hungry, waking up in the middle of the night just plain starving! I couldn't help how hungry I was, it was like something took over my body.... Well, actually something did! ;) And now looking back I really think my body was smarter than me because as I mentioned it went into survival mode, held onto the weight and 10 months later (yes pregnancy is technically 10 months) I gave birth to a 9lb plus baby! A solid big and healthy baby boy. It was all worth it. And very quickly after that I dropped 25lbs! Yippee! Oh wait... I wasn't anywhere near my goal weight, a place where I feel HEALTHY (not skinny and like a stick). I have since lost an additional 13lbs. That's a whopping total of about 38lbs. So, I am on a journey of health. And I mean it. I've been doing different kinds of exercise programs such as Turbo Fire, Pure Barre and lots of walking with the stroller. However, I've recently joined a gym in my town and already am noticing significant differences in my appearance by doing weight training. I've also changed my bad eating habits and upped the good eating habits I had. I've cut out white, refined sugars from my diet and almost all gluten. I eat more protein, veggies and fruits and yummy good for you fats, little dairy and TONS of water. My goal everyday is to feel healthy by the choices I make: nutrition and excersize. It is the daily compounded effect that make the end result. I plan to continue down this path of health, get to my goal weight or as close as I can by my son's 1st birthday! I think I can! I think I can! Ok, I know I've spilled a lot for a monday but this has been on my mind, sharing my journey on Dwell in Beauty.