Ok, I know I said I would write about my experience with my son's teething process on tuesday... Obviously didn't get around to it! It has been an unusually hectic week, so I'll share with you something I wrote about some time ago, and didn't get around to publishing it, until today! This is the very first time I've introduced Julep on my little blog. I have to say that I literally just stumbled across this company a few weeks ago, yet they've been around for 2 years now! Whoa! Where the heck have I been? I fell in love with the company because of what they stand for. Julep is all about celebrating life and yourself as a woman. They name each polish after a woman that inspired them. Every product is so wonderful in performance, quality and are free of harmful chemicals! Whoo-hoo!!!! Naturally I was instantly smitten by their website and immediately signed up to become a Julep Maven; you pay a small membership fee and each month they send you your own personalized Julep box of goodies based on a fun questionnaire that you fill out to get started! My results put me into the category of "Classic with a Twist", very fitting if I don't mind saying so myself! Today, I am sharing a Julep Maven Anniversary box that was sent to me, celebrating their 2nd year! And if you're like me, you are just gonna drool over these goodies and all the lovely details and packaging that went into this doorstop delight! What I love about Julep is their "girlfriends connect" philosophy really does shine through. I feel so special each time I get a Julep delivery to my door and even more wonderful about myself when I use these amazing products.

This hot pink hotness is the exterior of the box! Mailed out just like that.

the first view of the interior of the box! isn't it so pretty wrapped 
in that gauzy blue tissue and sticker? Wow!

ummm, forget-me-not seeds and an inspirational quote to boot! 
how adorable is this!?!

pretty purple wrapping, fill and bow, the details!

Those two nail polishes are the goodies I found inside the purple wrapping. 
By the way, that pink polish, "Veronica" looked so pretty on! 
I haven't applied the purple polish, "Sylvia" yet. And I love the Double Step treatment!
I've used it several times when wearing sandals, it makes my heels and feet soft and ready to show off!

I promise, I'll be back tomorrow to dish on my "Mama Thoughts"