Tuesday Mama Thoughts// Short Hair

 Being the mom of a very active, curious 7 1/2 month old boy, keeps me very active too and gives little to no room for my own personal grooming, or at least groom the way I used to! I have been blessed with very thick, very wavy hair and lots of it, despite the fact that my hair is still undergoing postpartum hair loss. I had a pretty weird receeding hairline there for a while, but thankfully baby wisps of hair are coming in around the frame of my forehead. Also continuing taking prenatal vitamins daily (because of breastfeeding) makes my hair grow like a weed. As I mentioned I have very thick hair and it has a lot of body to it, I really do like my hair but its getting the best of me. I wish I could leave my hair down, which is my favorite way to wear my hair, but with little J pulling on my long locks all day, eating and chewing my hair to pieces, not to mention tangling it into a million tiny knots... its just not practical anymore. So pretty much everyday my hair goes into a top knot on my head. I just can't stand it anymore. I am tired of looking at myself feeling frumpy in that way. And overtime I have come to put my hair as the last priority of my day.

Now I understand why moms chop their hair off. Time. Energy. Practicality. Those things matter most. So I've decided to cut mine off too. I am so low maintenance when it comes to hair, the easier the better, and I am lucky I can go days without washing. I'd rather spend that time getting ready focusing more on my makeup rather than my hair. If I have a shorter haircut the time it would take to fix my hair would be drastically different than what it takes right now. Now the question is how brave am I? How short will I go? I've posted some haircuts/lengths that I am inspired by. I go to the salon this Friday, I can't wait!

I think the lob cut is a classic, and I've had one about 4-5 years ago. 

Love the long lob layers on January Jones

I like the length of this cut for a modern bob

Can I be super brave and go Pixie like Anne Hathaway?

 I've still got until friday to think about this!