Tuesday Mama Thoughts // Natural Teething Methods

Teething... the never ending issue our poor babies have to deal with. My son has been teething for what seems like forever now. Really its only been on and off for the last few months. Teeth have not officially popped through yet, but I know its just a matter of time before they do. Some days my son is perfectly fine, in his normal easy mannerism, then other days without warning he is so fussy and gnawing at his hands or anything he can reach to put on his gums for comfort. Its on these days I make sure I am prepared before hand. I have always been a believer in natural/alternative methods in health, and I feel that teething is no different. I want to help my baby get through this process but I don't want to drug him up either. I've put together my teething 101 kit that always helps me when the going gets tough, and my son seems to love these methods. Have any of you tried these products? What are your methods to aid your children through teething? I'd love to hear from you!

1. Washcloths- I dampen several clean washcloths at a time with water, rinse them out, then roll them into little tubes, place into a ziplock bag and then into the freezer so they are nice and cold and a bit crunchy when its time to use them. Such a lifesaver! My son even likes sucking the water out of them afterwards, its a fun little entertainment piece too!

2. Green Sprouts Teether- I picked this one up at my local health food store. Love that its BPA, PVC and nitrosamine free! Its filled with sterilized water too. Also it has a perfect ergonomic design for little mouths and hands. I keep this teether handy in a ziploc baggy in my fridge when not in use.

3. Baby Orajel Naturals- I really am glad I found this teething gel. At first I was afraid to use any gel after reading reviews on incidents with babies choking on other teething gels because it numbed them so badly. But not this one. The ingredients are natural and soothing.

4. Tommee Tippee Pacifiers- My son loves this specific designed pacifier, I think its the blue part that fits securely and comfortably around the skin on his cheeks, they're soft and pliable. Whatever works, right!? Sometimes I fill the center up with water and place them in the freezer for those fussy days.

5. Hylands Baby Teething Tablets- These are probably one of my top go-to's out of this list. I definitely try these before I use the gel, thats for sure. The main ingredient is Chamomile, which is perfect for soothing irritability and painful, swollen gums.