Tuesday Mama Thoughts // Getting Organized Part 1: Cleaning

Are you like me, so excited to jump out of bed, start the day and tackle the household cleaning?!? I'm joking! Most people are not that excited, and as a busy mom, my time to do even the simplest of chores is so valuable. Plus, I don't want to spend all freakin' day cleaning, which I used to do. I used to knock out all my cleaning in one day (which was exhausting) and spend the other days just tidying up around the house, or randomly doing laundry etc. Let me just tell you, this was all before baby made his way into our lives. Fast forward to today, I am definitely trying to spend my time, ahem, cleaning time much more efficiently and in an organized fashion. Some time ago, I came across a lovely blog, Dimplicity. This gal has really got her stuff together and seems so organized and makes everyday to-dos seem so much more fun and effective. She's got some great ideas! I loved her "Cleaning Schedule" so much, that I decided to create my own schedule. So I cannot take full credit for being this organized! I basically cut and pasted a lot of her chores, deleted some and added mine in. I keep 2 copies of the schedule in my house. One is kept upstairs in my office pinned to my bulletin board, and the other is downstairs on the refrigerator. So far its been extremely handy and keeps me on track daily, instead of getting wrapped up into everything and then stressing out. I've also told myself to not be such a perfectionist. If something doesn't get done that day, then forget about it, either do it the next day (if there's time) or just wait until that chore day rolls around the following week. Also I should mention that on "Wednesday" I listed that as laundry day. Laundry day is almost daily at my house, with a little one it just can't be helped. However I did designate Wednesdays as Laundry for mine and hubbys clothes and linens. To wrap this up, what I love most about this cleaning schedule is that at some point of that day, week or month these cleaning to-dos will get done. Its not rigid, it makes sense for a busy household and busy lives. Head on over to Dimplicity for more great ideas! Happy Cleaning, happy mom! xo

If you are interested, here is my Cleaning Schedule PDF version I imitated via Dimplicity.