Choosing a Rug

I have been searching high and low for an area rug for our living room floor. Its obviously part of the main living area of our house, and we spend a lot of time there as a family, especially my 7 month old son, who isn't afraid of getting things messy. So we purchased a rug online, it arrived and much to our dismay the color was not what we thought we purchased, it was WHITE! And with a growing family, thats just not gonna work (thats what we get for ordering online) but our options are really limited where we live and we are also on a super tight budget for this find. So sadly that rug was short lived at our house and off it went. Soooo now here I am back in square one. I am looking for a good quality rug, wool preferably, decent price, and something in the earth-neutral tones. Here are my options... What do ya think?

Sweater Rug in Oatmeal... This one is one of my favorites, looks so cozy!

Prescott Champagne Rug, simple and classic.

Neutral Crete Wool Rug... Seems nicely textured, but not so good image quality, plus a steep price tag.

Mini Pebble Wool & Jute Rug... This is probably my favorite but how will the jute hold up?

Safavieh Soho Taupe Rug... I like the marbled silky texture on this piece.