August Birchbox

I am a beauty product junkie. I really am. If there's anything that I impulse buy, its beauty products. I am always open to tying new skincare or make-up. I've been this way for as long as I can remember. So when I heard about Birchbox, I decided to give the membership a try. I pay a small monthly fee and each month I receive a birchbox customized to to my interests based on the questionnaire that I filled out when I first signed up. The concept of Birchbox seems great, I get to try all kinds of amazing products before fully committing to purchasing anything, and its optional of course. I've been a birchbox member for 2 months going on 3 months now. At first I was a bit disappointed by my first box and wasn't too sure how I really felt about the program. I decided to stay on as a member and give it another shot. I was glad that I did! My August birchbox was incredible!

Juice Beauty
Green Apple Peel Sensitive- This product by far was my #1 favorite item that I received in this months birchbox! I am a believer in exfoliating your skin, and this baby does the trick! It does not burn, itch or tingle when applied. The peel is applied to clean skin, and it feels like a moisturizer. It only needs to set on your face and neck for about 10 minutes. It has a light, refreshing scent to it. My skin was GLOWING after I washed the product off. I cannot believe how amazing this peel is, I had to purchase the full size! *Note: I applied and used the peel at night time before bed, then I put on the Whish Correcting Gel on afterwards, went to sleep. I woke up the next morning to the most dewy, beautiful skin. Even my husband noticed!

Hair Inhibiting Deodorant Swipes- Since there is only one wipe in this box, I could not testify to the wipe being hair inhibiting, I'd be curious to see if it really does discourage hair re-growth. I liked the soft not overwhelming scent of the wipe, and it actually held through an entire hot august afternoon, keeping me smelling and feeling clean!

Coconut Milk Correcting Gel- My #2 favorite item in this months box! As mentioned above, I applied the gel to my recently "peeled" and clean skin and woke up the next day to dewy, healthy looking skin!  The gel is meant to be an anti-aging after sun gel but I've been using it twice a day, morning and night. It has a hint of coconut scent and even though it says its a "gel" it doesn't feel gel-y at all, or look shiny when applied! My skin soaks it right up, and I am left with smooth, soft skin. It has Sometimes when I have a busy day and no time to put a full face of makeup on, I just apply the gel all over my face, neck and decolletage and I feel ready for the day! 

Party Proof Lipstick- The color lipstick I received was a classic red. I applied it on only once, and it seemed to hold up nicely. The lipstick went on very smooth and my lips felt hydrated and quite comfortable.

Miss Jessie's Original
Rapid Recovery Treatment & Super Sweetback Treatment
I have yet to try either of these hair recovery packets. When I do, I'll update this post.