Sonnet James

As a new mom I am always looking for a way my day to day clothing to be comfortable and practical with a little one around, but what about stylish and flattering and something that would make me feel oh-so-pretty to wear? Welcome, Sonnet James! I came across this fashion line through the lovely Chassity Evans at Look Linger Love. This young entrepreneurial and stylin' mom goes by the name of Whitney Lundeen who is trying to raise money to expand and grow Sonnet James. Check out this very neat video and see how great this company is and how you might win prizes if she gets funded! I cannot WAIT to get ahold of one of her "play-dresses"!

Dwell in Beauty is BACK!

Hello lovely readers! It feels so great to be back sitting in my chair at my desk and writing in this blog.  First of all several apologies are in order; I am appalled by the look and design of my blog-site! It looks terrible missing the header and all the tabs and links I had displayed here, for some reason I cannot track down the graphic designer who originally designed my blog for me. So a new makeover and look is coming your way soon! Secondly I apologize for my sudden absence and neglect of writing posts. So many things have transpired in my life. Around the time I stopped blogging I found out I was pregnant! Pregnancy was not easy on me and I struggled with sickness and being just plain tired all the time. Standing on my feet all day at my retail management job didn't help either, and the upper management was not making life any easier by scheduling me to work 6-7 days in a row! (we were so understaffed) So with my spare time I chose to take care of myself and unborn baby, rest, exercise, and eventually quit that job! Then.... we moved! Let's just say moving in the last trimester was not ideal and it was just before the holidays, the busiest time of year! I was franticly packing and then unpacking and trying my best to get house set up before baby came along, I was in major nesting mode. And on top of the move and settling in I developed Pubis Symphisis, which means the pubic bone (that already has lots of pressure sitting on it) it separates and becomes misaligned. It was the most painful experience, aside from labor that I've ever known. I wouldn't wish that pain upon anyone. As soon as the holdiays ended our baby, a son was born on January 2, 2013! He is the most precious blessing ever bestowed on my life, we are so madly in love with him. Being a parent is the best experience in the whole world. So now here I am 6 months later and I feel much more like myself again and ready to roll up my sleeves and share with you all my ideas, inspiration and creativity. I've decided to take this blog on a little spin, instead of focusing mainly on interior design, I'd like to add in beauty, skin care, health, personal tidbits about my life as a new mom and more about how I dwell in beauty. I look forward to connecting with you readers again. xo