Fabulous Floor Mirrors

Lately I've been very inspired by floor mirrors, they are a great way to enhance a space to lighten and add the illusion of more room; Mirrors can truly be a work of art. Here I've selected a few images that showcase these amazing accent pieces, and you'll see how a mirror can really transform just about any room. Have any of you used a floor mirror in a project? If so I'd love to know those details! Have a wonderful weekend!

I love this space! It looks so cozy and ultra feminine
and the beveled mirror adds a simple touch of glam!

I love bedrooms that are bright and airy and a bedroom is always a
great space to add a floor mirror especially if you dwell in a smaller
sized room, and as an added bonus you can
use it as a vanity mirror.

Turn a nook into a statement! I love Samantha Pynn's creative
designs for niches etc... Choose a bold graphic print or even a
pop of your favorite color, take a bookcase or shelf, plop some cushions
and pillows on top hang a mirror above, and voila! instant charm!

I adore this picture! I feel that it encompasses the fun of design
when it comes to juxtaposing different design styles and elements!

all photos via decorpad