Grey Tone Wallpaper

I am working on a dining room project and am on the hunt for some amazing wallpaper for a tight budget. My client really wants her focal wall to showcase a pretty wallcover in a soft-mute tone grey-beige (greige) scheme , which I absolutely adore! Here are some of my selections so far for this elegant dining room in the making! Which one is your favorite pick?

Armas Design

I just stumbled upon this talented artist, Michelle Armas! I just adore her style of painting and all her unique artistic creations! Here are some of my favorite paintings, and I hope one day I can commission her to create a painting for me inspired around a room I've designed... How cool will that be?! Find more amazing images at her blog and website. Happy first day of summer!

I love how the bouquet picks up
on all the wonderful colors in this painting!

Michelle crafted these hand-painted votives!
What a neat diy project! And don't they look awesome?!

Quote of the Week

Hello Monday! I haven't done a Quote of the Week for quite some time, so I thought I'd start the week off with a quote and inspirational photos in something that always inspires me, have a beautiful day!

"I love the mystery and exoticism of Chinese culture, and the simple, timeless nature of the furniture. In the West, each period is marked by a distinct style, but in the East, even things made 300 years ago look perfectly contemporary today." - Guerlain cosmetics director Olivier Echaudemaison (October '03)

shelter magazine

domino magazine

we heart it

we heart it

meg braff - wallpaper

Fabulous Floor Mirrors

Lately I've been very inspired by floor mirrors, they are a great way to enhance a space to lighten and add the illusion of more room; Mirrors can truly be a work of art. Here I've selected a few images that showcase these amazing accent pieces, and you'll see how a mirror can really transform just about any room. Have any of you used a floor mirror in a project? If so I'd love to know those details! Have a wonderful weekend!

I love this space! It looks so cozy and ultra feminine
and the beveled mirror adds a simple touch of glam!

I love bedrooms that are bright and airy and a bedroom is always a
great space to add a floor mirror especially if you dwell in a smaller
sized room, and as an added bonus you can
use it as a vanity mirror.

Turn a nook into a statement! I love Samantha Pynn's creative
designs for niches etc... Choose a bold graphic print or even a
pop of your favorite color, take a bookcase or shelf, plop some cushions
and pillows on top hang a mirror above, and voila! instant charm!

I adore this picture! I feel that it encompasses the fun of design
when it comes to juxtaposing different design styles and elements!

all photos via decorpad

Chic Laptop Cases

I recently made a purchase on a MacBook Pro! I definitely indulged and bought myself this much needed gift! I've been toting it around in my very nice and stylish leopard case, however it is much too big for my new little 13" mac! So I am on the lookout for a laptop case! I am absoutely loving the new Diane Von Furstenberg laptop cases! However the price has got me on a standstill- I think I will add it to my "wish list"! Check out these tech accessories here.

Katie Couric's Beautiful Hampton Home

I recently had the privledge of listening to a commencement speech by Katie Couric at Boston University last month (where my younger sister just graduated from). She is so witty, fun and inspirational. Her home in the Hamptons doesnt lack any sparkle or wit either, in fact it is so gorgeous I had to share it with all of you lovely readers! I just adore the color combination of coral and different tones of blue that you see throughout the house. And speaking of sisters, Ms. Couric's sister, an award winning landscape architect helped design the property's lush landscape. I hope you enjoy this tour as much as I did and check out Cottages & Gardens online magazine here.