I am back!

We had a great time visiting up north and being able to celebrate our friend's wedding! But we are so glad to be back!

I love all these corner flower boutiques and carts! The fragrance of wet flowers, and their intoxicating scent, makes the big city feel more like home to me!

And who doesn't like a burst of color against the stark of city concrete and buildings!?!

Fairmont Hotel, SF

I felt like I stepped into a fairytale at my friend Nadia's wedding! It felt like a "Beauty & the Beast" rendition of a wedding with the elaborate ballroom, the velvety red roses, and sparkling shimmer of the many crystal chandeliers!
soooo romantic!
I loved this larger than life chandelier at the Fairmont, San Francisco! It looks like an arboretum of many little bird cages, with flowers, vines, and droplets of glass oozing from every corner!
thought this was a cool design for a store wall... and anyone who knows me, knows I love geometric, bold shapes.
(San Francisco has some of the best turn of the century architecture!)
An ode to my former college, FIDM (the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), I've never been to the San Fran campus, so it was great to see it nestled into Market Square in the big city!
Loved this Louis Vuitton store front! Definitely caught our attention!
last but not least, Brenda's! The BEST breakfast cafe I have ever been to! They are known for their "french soul-food". I ordered: Banana Bread Pudding French toast with bourbon syrup! YUM! We waited TWO HOURS for this oh-so-fabulous food! and you know what, it was completely worth it! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and this by-far has topped every single one of my favorite breakfast spots. Check them out if you are ever in San Fran! but be prepared for the wait!