Happy Halloween!

Have a happy and safe Halloween! This is a quick post to share some cute and vintage halloween posters and cards! What is everyone going to be doing this year!?! Dressing up? If so what or who are you going to be? I am postponing getting my costume to the last minute again...

I love Pieces!

Pieces, is a boutique interior furnishings store located in Atlanta, GA. I just drool over everything every-time I visit their online shop. They are known for vintage and eclectic pieces... I wish I could furnish my home with a few of my favorite items (with out breaking the bank) But I can dream, can't I? Here are a few of my favorite pieces... You can check out Pieces here.

They were all Yellow...

It's been known that color has a profound effect on our senses. Color can affect you psychologically in ways that we can be very unaware of. Here are some interesting facts about the color yellow...
  • Yellow symbolizes wisdom; happiness and joy
  • It is the color of Sunshine!
  • Yellow (like a bright and sunny day) can bring clarity and awareness; the shade of yellow determines its effect: Yellow-Green can mean deceit & gives you a sense of disorientation,Yellow-Orange gives you a sense of establishment, A clean pure Yellow clears the mind, feeling more alert.
  • Put Yellow in your life when you want: clarity for decision making, relief from burn-out or exhaustion, to achieve sharper memory & concentration, as well as to protect yourself from lethargy during dull weather (this is especially good for upcoming winter months!)

Getting into Christmas Festivity!

I know, I know, it is a tad bit early to be thinking of Christmas... NOT! I am still a kid at heart when it comes to Christmas, and it is never too early to prepare for it (by golly I already have Christmas presents in the works) and also to mention this is the first Christmas my husband and I get to share together. So yes Christmas is a big deal for me!

Check out these adorable Christmas Stockings! I am actually very inspired to make a few of my own (since I don't have any) and I hope you find inspiration in these as well. Happy Friday everyone!
stockings from here

stocking from here

stockings from here

stocking from here

Quote of the Week

"Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul a thousand different ways" Oscar Wilde

I am back!

We had a great time visiting up north and being able to celebrate our friend's wedding! But we are so glad to be back!

I love all these corner flower boutiques and carts! The fragrance of wet flowers, and their intoxicating scent, makes the big city feel more like home to me!

And who doesn't like a burst of color against the stark of city concrete and buildings!?!

Fairmont Hotel, SF

I felt like I stepped into a fairytale at my friend Nadia's wedding! It felt like a "Beauty & the Beast" rendition of a wedding with the elaborate ballroom, the velvety red roses, and sparkling shimmer of the many crystal chandeliers!
soooo romantic!
I loved this larger than life chandelier at the Fairmont, San Francisco! It looks like an arboretum of many little bird cages, with flowers, vines, and droplets of glass oozing from every corner!
thought this was a cool design for a store wall... and anyone who knows me, knows I love geometric, bold shapes.
(San Francisco has some of the best turn of the century architecture!)
An ode to my former college, FIDM (the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), I've never been to the San Fran campus, so it was great to see it nestled into Market Square in the big city!
Loved this Louis Vuitton store front! Definitely caught our attention!
last but not least, Brenda's! The BEST breakfast cafe I have ever been to! They are known for their "french soul-food". I ordered: Banana Bread Pudding French toast with bourbon syrup! YUM! We waited TWO HOURS for this oh-so-fabulous food! and you know what, it was completely worth it! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and this by-far has topped every single one of my favorite breakfast spots. Check them out if you are ever in San Fran! but be prepared for the wait!

Weekend Get- Away!

I am leaving before the crack of dawn tomorrow headed for Monterey and San Francisco! Whoo-hoo! Looking forward to one of my best friend's wedding at the gorgeous Fairmont Hotel, and to spend some fun, romantic time with my husband! We love road trips! (P.S. it also wouldn't hurt either if I brought back pics loaded with design inspiration) Be back soon! Have a beautiful weekend!
Monterey, CA
San Francisco, CA

Lonny Magazine!

A new online-only magazine is heaven-sent that reminisces the oh-so beloved Domino magazine. (I was so crushed when the magazine stopped publications)... But there is hope! it is called: Lonny (lonnymag.com) it is almost 200 pages worth of great resources, ideas and inspiration capturing the essence of hip, eclectic and funky interior design to fashion, gardening, and household products; and the beautiful photographs on each page keep edging you on for more and more. It was a different experience flipping through the pages with my mouse, but I gladly read on, already excited for the next issue. You can check them out here also on their facebook account.

"Kingston" the Cavalier King Charles here looks just like my dog Rigby!

I love the DIY upholstered bold red headboard! Read more about it at lonnymag.com