What does BEAUTY mean to you?

I pose a question for today's blog: What does BEAUTY mean to you?
"Ecstasy" by Maxfield Parish- I love this painting, when I look at it, I imagine the wind flowing through my spirit... pure freedom

My two favorite & beautiful blondes: my mother and sister!

My little Rigby... he has inspired me sooo much! It is amazing how profound animals have an impact on you.... He is so beautiful (this is him when I first got him, chewing on a branch, such a little termite)

I love this movie by Audrey Hepburn! She proves that you can do anything, be yourself and success and happiness follows!

The most beautiful day of my life... saying "I do"

Oh the cherry blossom... it symbolizes hope, triumph over doubt, beauty, & grace.

Home, sweet home; here is where peace and content lies for me... natural and organic, a slight breeze and soft contemplation... beautiful and soothing to my soul, as home should be.