Michelle's Design Dilemma

Michelle's children's shared bedroom, has loads of potential in a cute historic home near the beach in sunny orange county. Here's her letter:

Hi Audrey,
I am interested in a little Interior Design help. I have 2 young children who share a bedroom, however we will split them up in a few years to have their own room... but for now the key thing is I don't want anything too expensive, and keep in mind it is a spanish style home built in the 1920's. The room they are in now is very small and has odd shaped windows, it has a window, door, or closet breaking up just about every wall. What I need in here is bedding for a girl/boy room. I am open to any suggestions. Right now, I find that their room looks like white trash! I can't stand all the stuff, non matching picture frames, non matching everything, and everything is unorganized. I want the room to have pictures of them, clean, can be neutral or you can mix it up, I'd also like white furniture. Basically this is the baby's room that never got finished. Then turned into the boy/girl room that never got finished. And here we are.

Thanks a ton,

This space is ready for a design intervention! Here is the plan:

Stay tuned for the complete makeover!