How to Upholster a Headboard

Inspired by the ever so elegant and dare I say pricey designer headboards out there, I decided to make one! It's been a dream of mine to have an upholstered headboard... So over the labor day weekend, my ever-so-supportive hubby and I, tackled the task to see how competent we could be in making our very own headboard... In the end, we both realized how easy it was to do, and we felt so proud of what we accomplished...
1. The first step you need a frame... There are many types of options, just pick one you think would work best for you. You may use canvas board, a piece of plywood, or make a frame, as you see my husband doing so in this picture... We bought a piece of wood at our local Lowe's and he framed it all the wall around to create a nice, solid and sturdy piece that creates an area to place our frame on the wall (shown in picture below). Other materials you need: staple gun, batting, and of course fabric.

2. While he was busy working on that, I got to laying out a couple layers of crafter's batting, you can find this at any craft or sewing store.
3. We left a lot of cushion room before stapling the batting to the frame... I felt more comfortable having more rather than too little, just to be on the safe side- I later went around and trimmed the edges to clean it up.
4. To staple, start at one end of the frame, and work clock-wise in a 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock type of pattern, this helps the batting from shifting too far from the frame and you get a nice secure fit. Then work your way around again and fill in the gaps you missed before.

5. Next secure your fabric to the new frame with batting... repeat the steps as listed above to staple your fabric in place.
5. Here, Ryan is drilling a long piece of wood to our wall, where the headboard will sit on top of. He uses wall mounts, to secure the wood in place, as well as to add security so the headboard won't put too much weight against the wall.

And we're done! We absolutely love our new headboard! Its fresh, comfy, and added just the right amount of elegance to our room... how beautiful! :)