DIY: Custom Framed Art

As one of many projects I find to do around the home, and for clients is to tackle the task of finding great, custom art... Art has such an amazing effect on the senses, creates a mood, and definitely shows off a bit of your unique personality. On the downside art can be very costly especially when you are working with a small budg
et; fortunately affordable artwork, is within reach! It takes a little bit more elbow grease but the return of the final product is pure gratification. This is a great project, and can be taken to many different levels of technique and materials. Browsing through World Market the other day, I came across a "Japanese Woodblock Print" 2010 Calendar, and bought it, thrilled about another project at hand. Later I purchased four inexpensive frames from Target, at $16.99 a frame; what I love about them is their thick white mat board against the black frame, adding instant character, depth, and contrast.

Supplies: White Paper, Scissors, Tape, a cutting mat, and your art.
Next, take your art, or in this case my calender page, and line it up evenly to trim the white off all of the edges; I prefer to use a cutting mat because it gives a cleaner, more even look than scissors.
Mount your trimmed art page ontop of white paper. Line it up so it rests evenly on the page.
Then, turn your calender page over and grab your tape! Take 4 pieces of tape and fold them over to place on the 4 corners. Turn your page around and securely tape to your white paper. Then insert your paper and art into the frame.
Voila! Instant custom artwork!