Colors of the Fall

Can you believe fall is here? This is one of my favorite seasons... even if I do live in sunny southern California... The air turns crisp, a time to slow down, and the colors of the leaves change into beautiful hues. Fall has an amazing inspirational color palette of orange, crimson, and espresso. I searched for some interior spaces that capture the warm, cozy and elegant color scape of this season. Enjoy and Happy Fall!

Quote of the Week

"I like to preserve simplicity rather than over-polishing. Fashions are ever changeable. Taste is in realizing the essence of a place" - Nancy Lancaster

What does BEAUTY mean to you?

I pose a question for today's blog: What does BEAUTY mean to you?
"Ecstasy" by Maxfield Parish- I love this painting, when I look at it, I imagine the wind flowing through my spirit... pure freedom

My two favorite & beautiful blondes: my mother and sister!

My little Rigby... he has inspired me sooo much! It is amazing how profound animals have an impact on you.... He is so beautiful (this is him when I first got him, chewing on a branch, such a little termite)

I love this movie by Audrey Hepburn! She proves that you can do anything, be yourself and success and happiness follows!

The most beautiful day of my life... saying "I do"

Oh the cherry blossom... it symbolizes hope, triumph over doubt, beauty, & grace.

Home, sweet home; here is where peace and content lies for me... natural and organic, a slight breeze and soft contemplation... beautiful and soothing to my soul, as home should be.

Wine Tasting at Saarloos & Sons- Calling all Wine & Cupcake Fanatics!

One of the best things about living in Ventura County is we are less than an hour away from Central Coast Wine Country! It is absolutely breathtaking there... Natural California beauty at its best. Yesterday, my husband Ryan and I decided to take a mini sunday get-away and head over to Los Olivos to the Saarloos & Sons winery tasting room. I had heard of them through a local magazine here: 805 Living... Everything there is fantastic! From the decor to the down-to-earth friendly vibes. The wine was so delicious and what makes it even better are the mini-cupcakes that you eat along with each wine taste! The cupcakes are made by Enjoy Cupcakes, and some even contain wine baked into the cupcake! Imagine that!?Ryan and I had a blast! It is by far my most favorite of favorite wine companies. The BEST experience I ever had wine tasting! If you ever have a chance to visit Los Olivos I highly recommend you stop at Saarloos and Sons first!

Isn't it just beautiful? So Charming!
I loved these grey outdoor lounging chairs! The bright pops of chartreuse green pillows really make a statement!

Here is one of the views as you walk in... I love the vintage- homey vibe here, its so elegant juxtaposing modern and traditional furniture, with bright splashes of color... a theme throughout the cottage.

I love the over-scaled clock on top of the tasting table! And look at the detail of the nail-head trim against the burlap linen chairs!

Pops of shimmer and glimmer everywhere! Chandeliers are also a prominent theme here.
This is the icing on the cake! Literally! Here is where you stop to purchase the melt-in-your mouth goodness of Enjoy Cupcakes! These cupcakes are made with Saarloos & Sons wine! And don't you just love the ceiling detail?Here is the Chocolate Blackberry Syrah! It was one of our favorites! It is their signature treat; filled with dark belgium fudge, blackberry frosting and a wine soaked blackberry rolled in sugar!
Here is the vintage blue cupcake trailer that is located in front of Saarloos & Sons.

Quote of the Week

" Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself " -George Bernard Shaw

Sarah & Abraham

I love flipping through magazines as a resource of finding chic design companies... I had a big ol' stack of magazines, borrowed and bought... I came across "REAL SIMPLE" magazine, and in it I located this article about personalized cards. Instantly hooked (because I am a HUGE stationary fanatic!) I discovered, Sarah & Abraham an online boutique stationary company who specializes in children's stationary, invitations, and announcements! What I love about Sarah & Abraham is the vintage flair each product has... Simple silhouettes, and elegant font with splashes of color. They are so chic, Mother's everywhere should be snatching these up! Check them out, and maybe you'll find some goodies of your own! Also check out their blog, they have great tutorials and product info. Happy Wednesday everyone!

Michelle's Design Dilemma

Michelle's children's shared bedroom, has loads of potential in a cute historic home near the beach in sunny orange county. Here's her letter:

Hi Audrey,
I am interested in a little Interior Design help. I have 2 young children who share a bedroom, however we will split them up in a few years to have their own room... but for now the key thing is I don't want anything too expensive, and keep in mind it is a spanish style home built in the 1920's. The room they are in now is very small and has odd shaped windows, it has a window, door, or closet breaking up just about every wall. What I need in here is bedding for a girl/boy room. I am open to any suggestions. Right now, I find that their room looks like white trash! I can't stand all the stuff, non matching picture frames, non matching everything, and everything is unorganized. I want the room to have pictures of them, clean, can be neutral or you can mix it up, I'd also like white furniture. Basically this is the baby's room that never got finished. Then turned into the boy/girl room that never got finished. And here we are.

Thanks a ton,

This space is ready for a design intervention! Here is the plan:

Stay tuned for the complete makeover!

How to Upholster a Headboard

Inspired by the ever so elegant and dare I say pricey designer headboards out there, I decided to make one! It's been a dream of mine to have an upholstered headboard... So over the labor day weekend, my ever-so-supportive hubby and I, tackled the task to see how competent we could be in making our very own headboard... In the end, we both realized how easy it was to do, and we felt so proud of what we accomplished...
1. The first step you need a frame... There are many types of options, just pick one you think would work best for you. You may use canvas board, a piece of plywood, or make a frame, as you see my husband doing so in this picture... We bought a piece of wood at our local Lowe's and he framed it all the wall around to create a nice, solid and sturdy piece that creates an area to place our frame on the wall (shown in picture below). Other materials you need: staple gun, batting, and of course fabric.

2. While he was busy working on that, I got to laying out a couple layers of crafter's batting, you can find this at any craft or sewing store.
3. We left a lot of cushion room before stapling the batting to the frame... I felt more comfortable having more rather than too little, just to be on the safe side- I later went around and trimmed the edges to clean it up.
4. To staple, start at one end of the frame, and work clock-wise in a 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock type of pattern, this helps the batting from shifting too far from the frame and you get a nice secure fit. Then work your way around again and fill in the gaps you missed before.

5. Next secure your fabric to the new frame with batting... repeat the steps as listed above to staple your fabric in place.
5. Here, Ryan is drilling a long piece of wood to our wall, where the headboard will sit on top of. He uses wall mounts, to secure the wood in place, as well as to add security so the headboard won't put too much weight against the wall.

And we're done! We absolutely love our new headboard! Its fresh, comfy, and added just the right amount of elegance to our room... how beautiful! :)