White on White

Aren't these images fantastic!? I loooove white on white; there simply isn't anything more refined and elegant when white is the focus of the room. Keeping your rooms monochromatic (one color scheme) can sometimes make more of a statement, it keeps the room subtly dramatic. The key to creating spaces like these are the following:
  • Use different shades of white! There are a million different shades and tones of white. This creates depth and of course interest.
  • Create Texture! Texture is important in any room, and how you use it, can evoke emotions and change your mood. Texture examples in these pictures include: 
- faux fur throws, and pillows
- rattan weave on chairs
- hard and soft surfaces
- molding: crown molding, beams, ceiling, 
  • Contrast is good! When going for an all white on white theme, keep the floors in a dark tone such as ebony, maghogany, and walnut. By doing this, it creates the feeling of depth, perception, and it balances the overall space. Balance is the key phrase, it is like yin & yang, you need an opposing trait to create the feeling of harmony and flow in a space.
  • Don't be afraid of adding splashes of color! Using fun colors such as magenta, lime, turquoise and canary yellow give a fun, modern vibe to the overall space, such as the young girl's room at the bottom.