Settling into Home

So I know I have gone MIA for the last several weeks.... So much has happened! Suffice too say, we finally moved into our home! And anyone who knows what moving is like can sympathize... But it is such a wonderful feeling knowing that it is ours and we are not going anywhere, well at least for a while. We have definitely had our ups, our downs, and tons of exhaustion, achy muscles and feet. But at the end of the day we are so happy. My husband and I are still unpacking and figuring out where to place everything, cleaning, and organizing.... making do for now. The people that lived in this house before, left a lot of not so pleasant markings of their living here; The carpet is stained all over, dirty and worn down (the carpet was only just placed in 2007, when the house was first build and sold). The dishwasher doesn't work, the sliding screen door to the backyard is broken, the living/ dining room had the worst paint job I've ever seen in my life, it looked dirty and scary with the dried paint drips clinging to the walls.... And another thing, we have had a lot of previous tenants to get rid of.... SPIDERS (big ones too) and their cobwebs all over the windows.

But that is the thing about moving into a home, you need to figure out its quirks, positives and negatives. Every home tells a story about the lives that go on in such a place. Homeowners, we need to try not to be too hasty, take your time around the house, get to know what it will be like living there, then you will know what needs to be done little by little; and that is the beauty of transformation, it never happens overnight, but the end result is magic!

As newlyweds, moving into our first home, we have accomplished a lot in just under two weeks. I have lots of pictures to be posting up soon, follow us as we transform our home, and lives one day at a time.