Settling into Home

So I know I have gone MIA for the last several weeks.... So much has happened! Suffice too say, we finally moved into our home! And anyone who knows what moving is like can sympathize... But it is such a wonderful feeling knowing that it is ours and we are not going anywhere, well at least for a while. We have definitely had our ups, our downs, and tons of exhaustion, achy muscles and feet. But at the end of the day we are so happy. My husband and I are still unpacking and figuring out where to place everything, cleaning, and organizing.... making do for now. The people that lived in this house before, left a lot of not so pleasant markings of their living here; The carpet is stained all over, dirty and worn down (the carpet was only just placed in 2007, when the house was first build and sold). The dishwasher doesn't work, the sliding screen door to the backyard is broken, the living/ dining room had the worst paint job I've ever seen in my life, it looked dirty and scary with the dried paint drips clinging to the walls.... And another thing, we have had a lot of previous tenants to get rid of.... SPIDERS (big ones too) and their cobwebs all over the windows.

But that is the thing about moving into a home, you need to figure out its quirks, positives and negatives. Every home tells a story about the lives that go on in such a place. Homeowners, we need to try not to be too hasty, take your time around the house, get to know what it will be like living there, then you will know what needs to be done little by little; and that is the beauty of transformation, it never happens overnight, but the end result is magic!

As newlyweds, moving into our first home, we have accomplished a lot in just under two weeks. I have lots of pictures to be posting up soon, follow us as we transform our home, and lives one day at a time.

Real Estate Woes

As most of you know, my husband Ryan and I have recently purchased a home. It seems like forever since we have been in escrow; and not to mention they keep moving the closing date, the big day when we get our keys! Only the most happiest day in real-estate world. We originally thought we would get our home the weekend of the 5th of this month, then it moved to tuesday the 9th, then wednesday, thursday, and then friday... Then we thought for sure we will pack our U-Haul and move in on Saturday or Sunday.... We have our fingers crossed for this Monday. Wish us luck, we can't wait to be moved in and settled. But we'll be rolling up our sleeves and keeping blogs of all the fixing up our house has to offer.

White on White

Aren't these images fantastic!? I loooove white on white; there simply isn't anything more refined and elegant when white is the focus of the room. Keeping your rooms monochromatic (one color scheme) can sometimes make more of a statement, it keeps the room subtly dramatic. The key to creating spaces like these are the following:
  • Use different shades of white! There are a million different shades and tones of white. This creates depth and of course interest.
  • Create Texture! Texture is important in any room, and how you use it, can evoke emotions and change your mood. Texture examples in these pictures include: 
- faux fur throws, and pillows
- rattan weave on chairs
- hard and soft surfaces
- molding: crown molding, beams, ceiling, 
  • Contrast is good! When going for an all white on white theme, keep the floors in a dark tone such as ebony, maghogany, and walnut. By doing this, it creates the feeling of depth, perception, and it balances the overall space. Balance is the key phrase, it is like yin & yang, you need an opposing trait to create the feeling of harmony and flow in a space.
  • Don't be afraid of adding splashes of color! Using fun colors such as magenta, lime, turquoise and canary yellow give a fun, modern vibe to the overall space, such as the young girl's room at the bottom. 

Adler Obsession

There really is something to be said about Jonathan Adler's product design... His products combine the aesthetic with the functional in a modern yet transitional way. I frequent his website to satisfy my craze. I have drooled over them for years, especially when I first visited his boutique in New York. I dream that I could afford to furnish my home with accents of Jonathan Adler, because to me, they are so very worth it. Take a look, rejoice in their simplicity, elegance and then you may just understand why I am "Adler Obsessed"...

Home Sweet Home... Is Not too Far Away

Hello Readers! Today I just got word that my husband and I will be closing escrow this thursday!! We are so anxious to move into our first home together as husband and wife! Just the thought of stepping over our threshold, and calling it "home", brings a sound and feeling of peace to my spirit. Currently we are living in boxes and bags, in limbo-land, and starting to move out of our rental... It feels like being a kid in the candy store, where do we begin in fixing up our home??? Or the real question is, where do we want to start? I plan to keep blogs of all our updates as newlyweds, designing our lives and rooms of our home one day at a time. 

Our Small Backyard Inspiration from BHG

My husband and I recently bought a house, and will be moving into it next week.... I can't wait to get my hands on fixing up the house and making it a home. The backyard is going to be a big project for us. There is absolutely nothing there except dried, cracked soil. It is a home owner's dream, not to mention, a designer's dream; It is a blank canvas. And soon it will be our own little oasis. It is a small yard and I have no photos of it yet but soon enough, I will post some. I received an email from Better Homes and Gardens about DIY, small backyard renovation and ideas. Here are some pictures that I have found loads of inspiration from and I hope you do too. Keeping you posted, enjoy!

Bird Watching

I love bringing the elements of birds and nature into the home! Bird home accessories can be found in most home decor stores... Here are several that I adore and it doesn't hurt that they are all at affordable prices!

1. ZGallerie-Ceramic Parrot $39.95

2. Etsy- Bird Art Print $13.00

3. Etsy- Cherry Blossom with Sparrow Art Wall Sticker $36.00
4. Bliss Living Home- Robyn Pillow $29.99 (ON SALE!)