I am Goin' to the Chapel

That's right! I am tying the knot! I am marrying the most wonderful guy, my best friend, I love him so much. We are getting married this Saturday, May 16th... at a wonderful park overlooking the harbor in beautiful Dana Point. I shall post-pone my blogging time until after our honeymoon. Bon Voyage! (by the way, my dress and bouquet are strikingly similar to the one in this pic).

Ice Queens

Talk about vintage-elegance! I love these chandeliers they are absolutely stunning and so unique. The way the glass is cut and assembled reminds me of a dripping ice-sculpture. Their curves and form would add elegance to any household. They would appear even more dramatic over a dining room table, or in a tall foyer-type space.

All of these chandeliers were found at 1st DIBS
1. Venini Polyhedral Pale Blue Glass Chandelier by: Craig Van de Bruelle
2. Exquisite Austrian Ice Crystal Chandelier by: Vermillion
3. Conchigg Glass Leaf Chandelier by: Emmerson Troop Inc.
4. Large and Impressive Glass chandelier with "saddle form" drops by: Decoratum

New Business Cards!

Perfectly Pink, Business Cards

Business Cards $21.99
Buy this on MOO.com

Just bought these oh-so-cute business cards at MOO.com... I can't wait to have them delivered with the dwell in beauty logo! Dwell in Beauty y'all.

Tree Hugging Home Decor

I am loving these right now! All of these home products are eco- chic for your home!
1. Transglass Beak Vase- Made from recycled wine bottles!
2."Katie"- made from paper mache by Haitian artisans-http://www.straydogdesigns.com/shop/Products/Lighting/Table-Lamps/Katie-Lamp-260.html
3. "Urban Eco Chic" by Oliver Heath. Read Green!
4. "Coupe" Tableware Dish Collection- http://heathceramics.com/go/heath/
5. KOKO Company: Metallik Pillow-http://www.nimli.com/detail_14789__788.html
6. KOKO Company: Autumn Extended Flower Pillow- http://www.nimli.com/detail_14803__788.html