Easy Entertaining & Home Decor Tips for Fall

This is one of my favorite times of the year! There isn't anything else like the Autumn Season. Its a time to celebrate time with family and friends, staging comfort, great food, and parties. I have a few tips in keeping your home in the spirit of the Fall, making it an easy transition to the winter holidays.


1.) Decor

Keep it monochromatic! Use one color for everything: lighting, tablecloths, napkins, trays, ornaments, etc.

2.) Garden

Freshen up your great outdoors! It is the first impression guests receive as they walk to your door... Plant flowers, succulents and other plants that are cold weather resistant and hardy and give off all the rich and beautiful colors of the season. I recommend planting, Red Dahlias, Cyclamens, Asters, and any type of daisy. Also don't forget your pumpkins!

3.) Keep a Theme

A lot of people love themes! And why not, they're fun, they address the mood, and type of environment you wish to create. If you are having a soiree, pick an invitation that captures the theme of your party-- this is the best part! It gives your guests an anticipated expectation of what's to come. Let your theme be your inspiration.

4.) Change it Up!

Freshen up smaller items in your home to create a warm, fall look. Change out your throw pillows, blankets, candles, and flowers to instantly bring warmth and a rich look to your home. Try to select items in gold, brown, forest green and burgundy and even orange, for contrast select items in champagne or cream. I always change my bedroom covers from white to gold, it gives me instant satisfaction, and I tend to feel much warmer and cozier that way.