Eat Cake!

Cakes by Lovin Sullivan, are some of the most creative, unique and exceptional cakes in the cake world. These are a few of many cakes designed by New York based cake designer Kate Sullivan. She allows her client's vision and her talent to go beyond the box, beyond what is considered a traditional wedding cake. I hope you find inspiration and joy while you look at these.

Informal Floral

What better on a summer day than a beautiful arrangement of flowers? Here are a few pics of some of what I call "informal floral" arrangements... They're fun, fast and easy to do. These arrangements are a great way to grace any table for a fun, relaxed and carefree summer event.

This is such an elegant yet unrefined arrangement of orchids. It is so stylish because they are monochromatic and are arranged tall in a beautiful chartreuse green vase to accentuate the lovely length of the orchids. Plus the citrus arrangement next to it adds to the lime color scheme as well as adding lower height interest.

How cute is this? I love the vintage vibe of using old-fashioned drinking glasses to nest the poppy blooms! This is really simple, fast and most importantly, chic!Fun, Free and wild are few words that come to mind about this floral arrangement. I love using fruit in my arrangements...they add so much interest and lots of different texture. Other fruits to consider using are pears, viburnum, grape twigs, citrus and red berries.

"Style Statement" Is a Daily Dose

A few months ago while reading a Domino magazine, I came across a very interesting article about finding our own unique and individual styles. The gurus behind it all are two very talented, insightful ladies, Carrie & Danielle... They work with a passion to help everyone to discover who they are and represent their identity in everyway we live... Carrie & Danielle also have a "Daily Q & A"; they ask unique questions and in turn you post your response. Its fun and a great way to think of something you may have never considered before! Their new book called "Style Statement", is one of the best books I have ever purchased! I highly recommend taking a look at it, its amazing, this book can help you change your life.

Welcome to Dwell in Beauty!

I am so excited to announce the new and upcoming Audrey Designs and Events website:

Audrey Designs and Events is a boutique design company that truly believes to approach every aspect of life by looking at the unique beauty in everything. Life should be celebrated and lived greatly. I hope to share that passion of mine with all people I meet and share life's precious and exciting moments of planning a special event or designing a home.

I have so many amazing and talented people to thank, including my family, who have always been there to love and support my dreams, thanks go out to my friends as well, who know that creating a business philosophy and love of life is so important to me. I also thank Web and Graphic Designers, Robert Wilkins and Stephen Gakneras for making the home of dwell in beauty a reality! I couldn't have gotten to this point without their talent and knowledge ... Thank you!